Finally — a practical solution to the problem of contaminated stethoscopes that protects the patient and saves valuable time for the busy practitioner!


10x more efficient than any
other stethoscope barrier


Shield-Stacks® — the only stethoscope barrier design providing stacked shields mounted on the diaphragm of the stethoscope — each of the 10 shields is used just once, then peeled off the stack of shields on the scope and discarded.

  • FASTER — Attach shields to the scope 10-at-a-time, not 1-at-a-time.
  • MORE CONVENIENT — No need to waste time locating a shield dispenser; more clean shields are located right on your scope.
  • MORE HYGIENIC — Placing an individual shield on a scope can contaminate the shield with the examiner’s hands, but with Shield- Stacks®, removing the used shield leaves the underlying shield untouched. Shield-Stacks® have no dispensers requiring disinfection.